Moringa Powder can be mixed with drinks, soup and an added ingredient for baking bread or tamales.
MOTAP - A Nutritious and Delicious Dish Topping

It's 100% natural, zero cholesterol, no chemicals & no preservatives.

Motap is a ready-to-eat dish topping that can be a viand or snack by itself. It can be sprinkled on cooked rice, soup, salad, pasta, pizza, omelet, or on any dish at all. It is made from the freshest Moringa (Malunggay) leaves, Japanese seaweed (nori), anchovies (dilis), sesame seeds and flax seeds.

Being 100% natural and zero cholesterol, it is a health food for people from age 3 onwards. Children at their formative years will benefit most from this highly nutritious treat.